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Matteo Matami Amico – Vocals
Michele Michigan Casalini – Guitars
Andrea Jammo Puglia - Bass
Marco Bracco Crivaro - Drums


Smokey Punch are: Matteo Amico (voice), Andrea Puglia (bass), Michele Casalini (guitar), Davide Vecchi (guitar) and Marco Crivaro (drums).
The Smokey Punch project began with 4 guys from Collecchio (PR - Italy), friends since childhood, who decided to form a band in 2012, pushed by their creativity and carefreeness.
All of them musicians, some since many years, others since few months, their pop punk streak emerged after few rehearsals together and few months after, they ended up with an EP ready to be recorded in a studio.
Smokey Punch's songs deal with essentially frivolous subjects: wild parties, dreamy girls, friendship and love problems, away from any volgarity, but with a great dose of irony and sarcasm.
Believing in their good ideas and having some good stuff to share with an audience, Smokey Punch closed  in a recording studio, giving birth to an EP of the same name. In the meantime, their first live performances in pubs and clubs began, until the spring of 2013, when they signed a deal with an independent record label, named This Is Core Record.
Many of their songs have been written in a night, sprung all of a sudden, such as Backseat, which was written during an afternoon in Valencia, after a night of parties and revelry in the Spanish city. Smokey Punch chose this song as a single to promote their EP, also through to a music video where the band plays during an unrestrained party.
The EP led them to make their first tour abroad, in Russia and Ucraina, after which they decided to enrich their sound with a new guitar, played by Andrea Bianchi, a friend met during their live performances. With him, Smokey Punch began writing their first album, called The Fool, from which they extracted the single White China and a pop punk cover version of Can't Hold Us by Macklemore.
This album gave them the possibility to do several live perforances in northern Italy, but also in Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The final cherry on top came on August 2015, with a 9-dates-tour in California and Mexico which led them to play at the historic Whisky a Go Go in Hollywood, in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego, Riverside and Tijuana. They organized all this on their own, pushed by the dream of playing in California and their will to spread their music in every corner of the world.
However, back from the Californian tour, in 2016, Andrea Bianchi decided to leave the band to follow a different musical path.
In the meanwhile, the band began a new collaboration with the Management Agency called SORRY MOM! which working with them for the launch of two singles. For the artistic direction of these 2 singles, Smokey Punch have been supported by Vincenzo Mario Cristi, alias Vinx of  Vanilla Sky, one of the most successful band in the Italian pop punk panorama.
The second Album of the Smokey Punch from the title “Don’t play this at home” , came out in May 2018. This record has been distributed by the Italian label MANINALTO RECORDS!, famous for his many big artists in the ska-punk scene (Matrioska, Vallanzaska, Piotta, Après la Classe…) and with which an artistic collaboration began.
Future projects are quite a lot, always driven by the philosophy of doing and rolling up your sleeves, the same philosphy which made Smokey Punch's little dreams come true.

Based in Collecchio, Parma
Founded in 2012
Genre: Pop Punk - Punk Rock 
Management: Sorry Mom!



Sorry Mom!
Luca "Luke" Bernardoni -
Press Office:
Sorry Mom!
Alessandro Vigo -
Band Contact:
Smokey Punch
Mobile: +39 340 4763608
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